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Capsule Endoscopy

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A capsule Endoscopy is used to check the small bowel. If both an Endoscopy and a colonoscopy are completed and they show no abnormalities but pain persists a capsule Endoscopy is ordered by the referring physician. The capsule is used to also detect not only abdominal pain but also sources of anemia and intestinal absorption problems. For this procedure, the day before a clear liquid diet is kept and a small bottle of Citroma is consumed to clean the bowels. The day of the procedure, a capsule with a built in camera is swallowed, this capsule follows the digestive tract and is excreted about 8 hours after it is swallowed. A monitor is worn the whole time to make sure the capsule is moving, and the patient can eat a small lunch that day to help monitor regular activities of the digestive tract. The capsule is disposable and will be passed.

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